Those were simpler times. And they lie buried in La Chapelette British and Indian Cemetery in Peronne, France.

A century later, there is no doubt that the Great War, despite its strange origins, was a war of civilization. So, as a tribute to these brave souls who left their families thousands of miles away and fought for the cause – knowingly or as part of their duty, here are pictures of the tombstones and the details of those who perished in the Peronne area.

I only wanted to take a few pictures, but then the serenity of the place took hold and reminded me of the equality of those who gave up their lives. Still, I did not pictures of the British part of the cemetery – in the hope that their relatives are close by in the U.K. This collection is just in the hope that some of their relatives may recognize their ancestors from these pictures.

Special thanks to Sarah Choudhry and Farzana Choudhry for the pictures and their collation.