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About and FAQs

We are all about Muslim Identity. A confident, rational and global identity that brings about some change that people of the world are looking forwards to in the 21st century.  Just as the last century was about human technological progress and new forms of temporal power, this century will probably be less about technology and more about human progress and how we all live together with dignity, respect and peace.

What are we trying to achieve? A certain and secure identity brings self-awareness and confidence to tackle long-festering problems. For better or for worse, this quest for identity has been forced on Muslims over the last century: after World War I, even more so after the end of the Cold War, and acutely after September, 2001. Whereas Muslims have always had national, ethnic and class identities – their core Muslim Identity has been severely questioned in the past few decades.

Who is our audience?On one hand, governments and global institutions that are losing out to partisan interests in the quest for peaceful co-existence. On the other hand, we plan to provide clarity and remove confusion for Muslims.  Last but not the least, we directly oppose groups and forces that attempt to dilute the Muslim Identity.

**Why are we doing it? **For the good of Muslims and the world at large.  For Muslims, the cause is to make them proud, productive and progressive.  We believe Muslims to be united with healthy differences, and we plan to educate and enlighten them so that they can play a part in our future in the 21st century.   This is a century in which long-held principles and institutions are giving way to neo-feudal forms of governance.  This trend would need to be moulded through education and awareness.

**How do we plan to achieve it:  **We focus on both sides: internal confidence and external projection. This would remove well-known ills such as self-pity and conspiracy theories; and the external projection reduces demonisation of Muslims and dehumanising caricatures.

**History: **QeRN was started as an educational organisation in 1998 and this site was put up at the end of 2001. Its management has changed over the years and is now composed of a board of five members.  The word قرن means ‘century’ in Arabic, and we capitalise the three English letters corresponding to the Arabic consonants.  The organisation is registered in the United Kingdom (#7923435) as a non-profit company limited by guarantee.  It is funded through donations by members and sponsors.