Every Line has a Story to Tell

Express Tribune Watch

Our comments on a Saba Imtiaz article: http://tribune.com.pk/story/207776/ahmadis-under-attack-in-rabwah-every-house-has-a-story-to-tell/.  While we are saddened by the discrimination that the Ahmadiyya community sometimes endures, this piece was another strange one — no less or more strange than others, but still strange to those who know.

– rest with the dozens killed due to the persecution of the Ahmadiyya community.

– or more appropriately, killed by terrorist attacks on their place of worship.  Not a single mention of ‘terrorism’ – just ‘persecution’.  The rest of the story also focuses mainly on the Lahore terrorist attacks on the Ahmadiyya place of worship.

The graveyards have been defiled in the past as locals have released animals in the graveyards or trod on the graves.

– The picture is that of the ‘poor graveyard’ – those who do not pay 10% of their earnings, savings and property, even their dowry.  Still, no Muslim can be buried in this graveyard and it has no wails and is next to a highway.  The ‘heavenly graveyard’ is for those who pay 10% and is walled with cameras and security guards.