Media Watch

The Express Tribune is a new English-language newspaper and it has been engaged in some strange journalism lately.  We present some false stories from the paper.  It has been accused of being an agent of anti-Pakistani forces and it has denied it.  It has been accused of manufacturing stories embarrassing Pakistan, Muslims and Islam.  We will present proof of such a story.

On January 21st, 2012, it published the story Aasia Bibi’s case: Weighed down by guilt, blasphemy accuser mulls pulling back.

There is no author on the story, just ‘Our Correspondent’.  It mentions the son of someone in London opposing Aasia’s release.  As if on cue, a Qadiani Ahmadiyya blog picks this up and puts the story of a father and son of a KN organisation in London.  What ET was not aware was that the KN organisation was already on the record on this issue (

This is the strongest proof we have so far that the ET has been hijacked by extremist elements who do not know what news is and what the truth is.  Partisan Qadianis plant stories in such newspapers — the ET in Pakistan and the Newsquest chain in the U.K. and then pick up these lies to further their agenda.

On January 29, 2012, it published this story: Protest against ‘unconstitutional’ practises becomes anti-Ahmadi rally.  Look at the URL carefully: hundreds-gather-in-rawalpindi-against-land-encroachment-by-ahmadis.  Yes, you read that right: ‘Hundreds gather in Rawalpindi against land encroachment by Ahmadis’.  Once again, caught red-handed.  That was the original headline when the story was saved, yet our favourite editor changed it into this provocative and unrelated headline.  Also, the article and the ‘related’ sidebar does not show this article from the same newspaper:  This story shows the historical background of the case, and the newspaper omitted it. Caught again!

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