Muslim Identity KN Action Newsletter 2011/05/15

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- Ahmadis in US filling in media void by representing Muslims - UK Bus campaign goes into the Midlands - Ahmadiyya All-Parties Parliamentary Group Meeting 18th May - KN Conference held in Croydon, UK
- راجہ نعمان کا انٹرویو - پاکستان کے خلاف قادیانی قیادت کی مسلسل کوششیں - قادیانی خلیفہ کی سیاست میں قدم آزمائی
### []()Ahmadis in US filling in media void by representing Muslims

With the death of Usama bin Ladin, Ahmadiyya campaigners in the US have gone into overdrive, while Muslims are generally hesitant to discuss the issue. In Washington Post, a Q&A was held by Harris Zafar.  Huffington Post is the other online media where Harris Zafar is very active, and after the death of bin Ladin, he started talking about Khalifa and ‘second coming of Messiah’.  It can be predicted that by raising awareness of their cult-like community in the US, they will be ultimately harming themselves and thinking about their propaganda.  However, we need to keep putting forward their history, real extremist beliefs and lust for power. Ataul Mujeeb and Nasim Mahdi have been comparatively circumspect and have chosen their words carefully. This campaign is centrally controlled and is run by the ‘Muslim Writers Guild of America’ which is a front name for ‘Majlis Sultanul Qalam’, named after the supposed ‘King of the Pen’, the founder of the Ahmadiyya.

UK Bus campaign goes into the Midlands

The bus campaigns have launched again this year, but again, the reactions are muted, and it is seen as a half-witted cynical attempt by non-Muslims, and as strange and embarrassing by Muslims. Nothing much to do – let it burn out. However, if anyone has information on whether this part of ‘Prevent’ funding, that would be great to know.

Ahmadiyya All-Parties Parliamentary Group Meeting 18th May

Thanks to, we received information about this one-sided debate being held in Parliament, and also at a very sensitive juncture for British Muslims. The sad thing is that no Muslim representative is invited, and requests for attendance should go to an Ahmadiyya email. We have requested participation. All British Muslims need to be aware of this.  Click on the image below to view in full.

KN Conference held in Croydon, UK

A KN conference was held in Croydon with the help of various scholars. Plase view the proceeds here: This was the first such conference held in the UK after the so called ‘2010 hate campaign’ which did not result in anything and the Ahmadiyya’s false police reports and complaints did not result in any legal action. It is feared that the parliamentary debate above will lead to another such campaign against Muslims this year.

راجہ نعمان صاحب، جو کہ ایک سابق قادیانی ہیں، نے ایک گہرا مصمون لکحھا ہے، اس کو یہاں پڑھیے

پاکستان کے نازک سیاسی صورت حال کے باوجود جماعت احمدیہ کے کسی ترجمان نے پاکستان کے بارے میں کوئی ہمدردانہ یا ناصحانہ بیان نہیں دیا، جب کہ تنقید پہلے سے بھی زیادہ ہو گئی ہے۔ اس رپورٹ میں ذرا سا بھی  حقیقت دکھائی نہیں دیتی کہ پاکستان دہشت گردی میں گھرا ہوا ہے اور لاہور کا واقعہ اس دہشت گردی کے آٹے میں نمک کے برابر بھی نہیں۔

لبیا میں ہونے والے واقعات پر قادیانی خلیفہ نے کچھ باتیں کیں خطبہ میں مگر اپنے سے پہلے خلیفہ کی طرح، کوئی سر پیر نہ بنا سکا، اور ان کی ہی طرح اقوام متحدہ پر تھوڑی سی تنقید پر اکتفا کیا