Muslim Identity KN Newsletter #7 2011/06/06

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- Publicity and Notoriety – US, Canada, Pukaar TV, Rawal TV and Radio - UK Parliamentary Group meeting a dud - Arab MTA3 emails leaked
- پاکستان میں ۱۹۷۴ کی کارروائی کے اشاعت کا اعلان - اسلام آباد میں طاہر منصور خان کی پریس کانفرنس - تھائی لینڈ کے مجرم اور اے کے شیخ صاحب کی کڑی نظر
### []()Publicity and Notoriety – US, Canada, Pukaar TV, Rawal TV and Radio

This month’s theme: As the Ahmadiyya spend money on ads and media, it is inevitable that most media and government representatives will get to know about them. However the same publicity can be turned to notoriety by your efforts. It is all about Muslim Identity and representation. For example, if a cheap knock-off brand decides to spend money to promote themselves, they will succeed in gaining mind-share. However, facts showing that it is juist a cheap knock-off and not the real thing will turn the acquired publicity to notoriety.

Publications in the U.S. and Canada still refer to the Qadiani Ahmadiyya as the representatives of Muslims. More awareness work needs to be done to ensure that Muslim identity is explained, with the general theme that while the Ahmadiyya should be welcome to present their points of view, their views on the Muslim community are not representative of that community, and would thus mislead the readers or viewers of the concerned publication.

An idea from a reader, Sajid: Qadianis are silent on the Amman Message. Americans and Arabs are on common ground with he Amman message, and KN should come under ‘and does not deny any necessarily self-evident tenet of religion.’ (Ifta Centre Mecca, Taqi Uthmani). Americans like the Amman Message, and by organising properly, a mutually agreeable understanding can be developed over time.

Rawal TV and Pukaar TV are fronts for the Qadiani community in their efforts to confuse. Radio Ahmadiyya is run by Ansar Raza in Canada and there is now awareness in the local Muslim community to put together a plan to counter the propaganda through multimedia efforts.

UK Parliamentary Group meeting a dud

We were able to get in touch with some of the speakers at the Ahmadiyya All-Parties Parliamentary Group Meeting on 18th May in London, and the message was that while the Ahmadiyya grievances should be addressed by the Parliamentary Group, it should not be used as a platform to malign Muslims. The full video was not officially recorded and the highlights produced by the Ahmadiyya showed the general confusion in the meeting. In response to a question, Rafiq Hayat gave the wrong information that the last meeting had almost half women. We have the video for that event and this mis-statement will be highlighted in an upcoming documentary about false claims of persecution in the UK. Here are the highlights:

Arab MTA3 emails leaked

In a devastating leak of MTA3 emails, the hypocritical and mercenary nature of the Arabic MTA team is laid bare. Fuad Al-Attar is established as their target, and it is his efforts that are keeping the Qadiani influence in the Arab world in check. Still, callers on the Arabic shows are confused as to the identity of the people they are talking to and what they represent.

پاکستان میں 1974 کی کارروائی کے اشاعت کا اعلان

اس اعلان ، اور اس کے پسِ منظر کے بارے میں یہاں پڑھیں۔

اسلام آباد میں طاہر منصور خان کی پریس کانفرنس

جناب طاہر منصور خان نے چند ہفتے پہلے بتایا تھا کہ انہوں نے تحقیق کے بعد جماعتِ احمدیہ قادیانیہ کو خیرباد کہہ دیا۔ اب قادیانی سربراہوں کی وجہ سے ان کے بچے چناب نگر میں محبوس ہیں۔ویڈیو ملاحظہ کریں۔

تھائی لینڈ کے مجرم اور اے کے شیخ صاحب کی کڑی نظر

تھائی لینڈ میں پھنسے ہوئے احمدی مہاجروں نے مکرم شیخ صاحب سے اپنے دُکھ کی داستان سنائی اور جماعت کی بے رخی پر شکایت کی، وہ جماعت جس نے ان کو تھائی لینڈ جانے کو کہا تھا۔ اب امریکی حکومت کی وساطت سے ان معاشی مہاجروں کو امریکہ میں سیاسی پناہ مل جائے گی۔

دریں اثناء مرزا مسرور کی جمعہ کی تقریر اور ایم ٹی اے کے تبلیغی پروگراموں کی مسلسل پیروی بھی شیخ صاحب باقاعدگی سے کر رہے ہیں اور جواباً بروقت ویڈیو بھی تیار کرتے ہیں۔