2005-12-15 - Police refuses security for Sonia Naz (Daily Times)

CCPO’s letter asks Asma Jehangir to hire private security for Sonia

LAHORE: The capital city police officer (CCPO) has declined to give protection and security to alleged rape victim Sonia Naz and has asked her to rely on private security, sources told Daily Times on Tuesday.

The police denied security to Sonia despite a request filed through her lawyer Asma Jehangir. Sonia stated that she was feeling insecure after the release of suspended SP Abdullah Khalid and Inspector Jamshed Chisti on bail. Fearing insecurity, Sonia has also requested the AGHS Legal Aid Cell to re-provide her shelter in Dastak, a home run by the NGO. Sonia had left the shelter after the Sattukatla police sent the challans of SP Khalid Abdullah and Inspector Jamshed Chisti for trial under the Hudood Ordinance. Sonia had decided to move back to her hometown Faisalabad and fight the case through her lawyer.

In response to Asma Jehangir’s formal request for security, the CCPO responded, “It is to inform you that in view of shortage of manpower and the prevailing law and order situation in the Lahore district it is not possible to provide police guard for the security of an individual. You may therefore contemplate deploying private security guards for the protection of Ms Sonia Naz if necessary”. The brief letter issued by the Administration SSP for the CCPO added that the local police had been directed to intensify patrolling in the area surrounding the shelter home.

Meanwhile, sources told Daily Times that Sonia’s lawyer Asma Jehangir is planning to challenge the bail granted to SP Khalid Abdullah.