2006-04-09 - Sonia Naz beaten - in hospital - Pak Tribune

ISLAMABAD: Alleged Police gang rape victim Sonia Naz was badly beaten up by her seven former brother-in-laws leaving the unfortunate soul in a profoundly critical condition on Saturday.

As per details Sonia’s brother-in-law Amir who works in Lahore police broke into Sonia’s house and picked two of her kids when Sonia’s sisters came to rescue the children Amir physically tortured the two ladies and took the children along with him.

Later on the relatives helped Sonia get back her children, it was told.

When Sonia went to her former mother-in-laws house Amir and his six brothers beat her badly.

She was reported to have sustained serious head injuries.

Sonia Naz was rushed to a government hospital where doctors are reportedly trying to save her life.

The culprits are trying to have a settlement with Sonia to stop filing of a case against them.

It is important to mention that Sonia Naz was arrested from parliament house in 2005 and was later allegedly gang raped in Faisalabad.