Academics Finally Take Note of Islamophobia

islamophobia-journal-spring2012For a number of years, we have been taking academics to task for not doing enough to tackle rising Islamophobia.  Academic research makes it way into public policy sooner or later, and a certain paralysis had descended upon the academic community after the Iraq war.

It is encouraging to note that while academia is still not going after misguided government policies — perhaps because there is a war on — it has started to tackle the alarming rise of Islamophobia.

Here are two such initiatives:

The Centre for Fascist, Anti-Fascist and Post-Fascist Studies at Teesside University will be formally launched later this month at an event marking National Holocaust Memorial Day. Beginning with two academics, Professor Nigel Copsey and Dr Matthew Feldman, the centre will specialise in both the history of far-right radicalism in this country, and current trends and dangers. (

The Islamophobia Studies Journal launched at the University of California, Berkeley.  Please check out the first issue, which is available for download.