Ahmadiyya UK go from 'Muslim' to 'International' Extremism

Thanks to the good work by our team, the All-Parliamentary Ahmadiyya Group in the United Kingdom has lost the support of most members of the House of Commons who participated in the first meeting, the mainstream media, all the Muslim intellectuals that attended the previous meeting, and have been forced to switch gears to ‘international’ extremism.

The first meeting, which we reported on:

was called by the Honourable Siobhain McDonagh, the precursor to this PG (in 2010) was meant to discuss the Lahore attacks, but was used to bounce half-baked local media stories off the walls of Parliament and then into full-fledged stories in the mainstream media.

The second meeting was an embarrassment where Rafiq Hayat, the Ahmadiyya head of the United Kingdom, was caught lying about the first meeting by a lady in the audience who questioned the lack of Ahmadi women in these meetings.  The poor Muslim intellectuals who attended the meeting were left holding their heads in shame at the incoherent statements of Mr. Hayat.

In this third meeting, only an MEP was supposed to show up.  Before the meeting, he brought up the Norway terrorist attack by a Christian fundamentalist  — the Ahmadiyya kept complaining about Muslims.

Keep up the good work, team!