Ahmedinejad, irrational?

Ahmedinejad is playing a brilliant hand. Why not? Who is the victor of the Iraq War? US? UK? Saddam Hussein? Iraqi people? Well, ladies and gentlemand, it is Iran.

Iran led US on a wild-goose chase in Iraq, made sure they are in turn humiliated and start in-fighting. Now, the Iranian leader Ahmedinejad is popularly elected, and turning the media game on its head, and leaving Israel and US scratching its head.

Iran cannot defeat US in aerial war, so it builds underground facilities and world-fastest under-water missiles that can break US ships in half. And US has no known defence to these missiles.

What are Ahmedinejad’s musings on Israel all about? The Israeli calculation on Iraq backfired and in 2004 it knew that the Islamist uprising in the Arab world was not manageable, so it decided on a ‘unilateral border’ — keeping as much land gains that it can. In other words, its expansionism is at its peak, and its population is going down. Ahmedinejad is pushing, and Israel does not what to do.

Yesterday, Karl Rove declared Ahmedinejad ‘irrational’. He does seem irrational as no significant leader has spoken to Israel and US in such words and gotten away with it. But, hey, isn’t this what happens when you lose moral and military credibility in the world? Morality and rule of law demands respect. Tyranny and bullying invites ridicule and scorn. When the bullied little boy taunts the bully and others join in the chorus, it is end of game for the bully, no matter how big or strong.

My humble message for US citizens: The writing is on the wall. Wake up and get down from your ‘super-human’ self-delusions. In a quasi-democracy, you are directly to blame. Do not hide behind the current Iraqi war support. Had the Iraq war gone as planned, 80% of you would still have supported the war! When your faces have been rubbed in the dust, only 30% do. Is it because of your morality or sense of justice, or because you got your behind whipped in Iraq?

Wake up and take responsibility. Other people inhabiting the planet are also humans.