AlJazeera - US planes attack civilians and fleeing refugees

In the interest of free speech, we are translating AlJazeera news

  • US says – ending bombardment is in the hands of the Taliban – and the attacks can stop if they hand over bin Laden
  • Nine babies among refugees killed as they flee to Pakistan
  • Pentagon admits to bomb near Senior’s home in Herat
  • Pentagon admits to a helicopter losing its wheels!

US planes attacked Kabul again in the early morning and anti-aircraft fire was noted . . . .

A spokesman for the US State Department, Richard Boucher, when asked about continued attacks during the month or Ramadan said, “the Taliban can hand over bin Ladin and his associates”, adding “the goal of the US is the capture of bin Ladin and the destruction of the Al-Qaida network that he leads.”

. . . .

In another news, the Pentagon admitted that one of its MH-47 helicopters hit a barrier and lost its wheels. These were the wheels displayed by the Taliban, who claimed they had shot down the helicopter.

. . . .refugees entering Quetta, Pakistan said that dozens of civilians were killed, among them nine children, as they fled towards the border in Southern Afghanistan. These refugees were fleeing from Tarin Koth, north of Kandahar.

. . . Abdul Maroof, a 28-yr old, said about the first strikes, “when bombs started to fall, people panicked and ran in all directions. When the dust settled, we could not see our houses — the roofs and walls had fallen in and a lot of people were trapped in the rubble.

Another refugee, Fadl Muhammad, said that the there was another attack just as the trolley full of refugees was about to depart the village of Tarin Koth. 19 people were killed instantly and a woman died later of wounds.