american frustration

So the thorns in american eyes are plucked, shaved (perhaps in the same spirit as Hitler’s officers cleaned jews before facing the Furness), chained, transported from Afghanistan and caged in an island surrounded by sharks. These events, proudly reported by the jewish-financed media, remind fair-minded people of Roman arenas, Spanish inquisition, slave trade, cannibalism, capturing and killing of the american Indians.

What does all this show?

• america’s frustration
• poor american leadership, incapable to contextualise the 11
Sept scenario and catch the real culprits and desperately
trying to boost the ever low American morale
• morally bankrupt america that has miserable understanding of
common values and humanity
• might is right
• hypocrisy of the terms like civilisation, human rights,
• america’s ignorance that their terrorism would deter jihad
(struggle), the prime function of Islam