Anti-Zionist Heroes - Stephen Hawking and Henry Clifford

So, the anti-defamation league is out in full force over an ad that contains this map, making it a ‘Jewish’ issue. I wonder where they were when Pamela Geller was putting up nonsensical ads with actual religious overtones. This ad was paid for by Henry Clifford. You can see his interview with CBS after the fold.


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A pro-Israeli article labels Map Number 2 ‘accurate’ and Map 4 as ‘not objectionable.  Enough said about the power of truth.

I would also like to remind Muslims and Palestinians that most of the actual effective anti-Zionist work today is being done by Christians and Jews.  This is not a religious issue at all, and this site and its authors like Jews and work with Jews.  Our position is that Palestine(Israel) is only viable as a single state ruled democratically, and with full rights for the ancestral inhabitants of the land.

Stephen Hawking, the celebrated physicist, endorsed the academic boycott of Israel.