April 20, 2002 - March on Ottawa

20 April 2002 – March on Ottawa -11 a.m. – Parliament Hill

More than 200 anti-war organizations in the U.S. are going to march on Washington April 20th.
Canadians have more at stake. Our very identity and values are at stake as our government blindly follows a belligerent power with so much blood on its hands.
Just as we joined the U.S. in mourning the WTC victims, we should join them in defeating the biggest threat mankind has ever faced
— the loss of human dignity, national sovereignty and personal liberty.
Corporate and imperialist powers are enslaving all human beings. We are united in the cause. Let us give Ottawa a leg to stand on against the lobbyists and the Americans.
We need YOU to be there and your organization’s banners and cars and bikes! Pass this email along.
Email to march@qern.org for more details.

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U.S. Link – The people of the world are not our enemy–solidarity against U.S. world dominationA.N.S.W.E.R.

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