Arabic, Urdu and Farsi Localization of Open-Source Software

Arabic, Urdu and Farsi localization of open-source software is long overdue. At this time, most of the technologies are in place to make this happen.

Although English is widely spoken and understood in areas where these languages are dominant, it has some drawbacks:

  1. The majority of the population does not know enough English to participate in Information Technology, even as users.
  2. The culture and national pride of a nation depend on the use of is language.
  3. Continued usage of English words does not allow the development of local terms as technology evolves, increasing the existing gap.
  4. Although communication of technicians and developers may appear to be hampered, generally such technical people are well-versed in English. In addition, the existence of large Arabic, Urdu and Farsi user communities will make them a “must-have” localization for future releases of open-source software.