Bush is beaten at his own game

Bush, who came in post after several re-counts of the presidency votes, says that ” America is still a great nation ” but in practice manifests this ‘greatness’ in terms of:

*demonising those who he dislikes
*bullying and demanding the ‘coalition’ at gun point
*mobilising world governments to justify his military action against the
poorest state in the world
*playing Muslims on Muslims
*rewarding those who collude and threatening those who oppose
*creeping through the gap created due to the stupidity of some
fractions in Afghanistan
*silencing the media and liberal voices
*begging Arabs not to withdraw funds from US banks

Is he secure? Despite all these oppressive strategies and deploying all possible fire power, what has he achieved so far. Nothing really. Irrespective of what happens to the Taliban movement or to Osama, Bush is already a loser since his actions are consolidating Muslim masses and have made the Talibans and Osama as the symbols of resistance against tyranny. And he can’t kill either of these.