Bush's Memoirs ignite Torture Debate in UK

People in the UK are debating whether information received from the United States through torture of Al-Qaeda captives was necessary to ‘protect’ lives.  While protecting citizens’ lives should be a government’s first priority, this country has had the proud history of sacrificing the lives of its young men in battles over principles and the direction where humanity was headed.
No one knows what the impact of this ‘torture information’ was, and how necessary it was, and how reliant law enforcement had become on it since it was available.  UK law enforcement has been much more successful on its own through intelligence and has foiled a much larger number of terrorist attempts through intelligence alone.
If we adopt moral relativism over torture, we concede the right of terrorists to conjure up moral relativism for their actions. Bush’s memoirs attempts to re-ignite the debate about re-writing human values — values that we, as humankind, have taken centuries of pain and suffering to arrive at.