CIA promised reward to Masood for bin Laden

Washington,US – 2004-03-24 – QeRN – Under the Clinton Administration, the CIA promised a ‘reward’ to Ahmed Shah Masood if Masood succeeded in taking care of bin Laden.

Masood was killed in a suicide attack a few days before Sept. 11, 2001. The perpetrators were posing as journalists.

This fact came out during the testimony of Sandy Berger, National Security Advisor to former U.S. president Clinton, before the 9/11 Commission.

Mr. Berger was being grilled on the legal limitations that the Clinton administration placed on the capture or killing of Usama bin Laden. One question implied that Masood was told by the CIA that bin Laden could not be summarily killed according to the legal opininion of the U.S. attorney-general. After this question, another commission member made a reference to a classified document that proved that Masood was promised a reward. Mr. Berger remained silent, but appeared relieved, after this revelation.