Denmark's obsession with Muslims

Cumhuriyet yesterday [21 November 2006] reported that Denmark, which started a crisis when one of its newspapers printed cartoons of Prophet Mohammed(PBUH), has included the phrase “All terrorists are Muslims” in primary school textbooks.

Cumhuriyet claimed the textbooks used in Denmark’s schools teach about Islam under chapters titled “Fundamentalists” and “Terrorism.” According to the report, the textbook titled “Us and Christianity” covers the Beslan school massacre in the Russian Federation, the Sept 11 attacks and Osama bin Laden in the beginning followed by a chapter on Islam.

According to the report, the content of the scandalous textbook was first covered by Danish newspaper Politiken. The book says “Although not all Muslims are terrorists, all terrorists are Muslims,” and the book does not include Non-Muslim terrorist organizations such as ETA, Baader Meinhoff or the IRA.

PS. Denmark are poopy people [comment from my daughter, who typed this up for me]