Faux Muslims on Faux News - How Long?

Harris Zafar, Naseem Mahdi, Faheem Younus and Qasim Rashid have been mis-representing American Muslims for quite some time now, mostly on Fox News. It has been a symbiotic relationship for both: the Ahmadiyya, a religion that is an offshoot of Islam, getting media time and Fox getting a faux Muslim to peddle their biased and unreal agenda.

Although he still got his plug in about the ‘oldest American Muslim community’ as if Muslims are not a coummunity by themselves, we were pleasantly surprised this week: Harris Zafar stepped away a little bit from his usual Muslim-bashing and provided a viewpoint that did reflect the general position of the Muslim community (see clip below).  The host immediately jumped in and started making the points that she expected Mr. Zafar to be making.

He was commenting on the second episode of the King hearings, which we have discussed on this site before, and the Ahmadiyya desperation at wanting to attend the first version of these hearings.  When he rightly mentioned the extremists as a fringe and a comparison with Christian extremist groups was legitimate, the host jumped in with a litany of gory details that were not ‘balanced’ by any stretch of the imagination.

Although Mr.  Zafar has no business representing the wider Muslim community in the United States, he should probably realise now why Muslim organisations shun this channel where newscasters and interviewers are more anti-Muslim propaganda pushers than not.

The question now is — how long will he last as a ‘Muslim’ on Fox?