Gaza 2009 - end of neo-conservatism?

(Juan Cole – Salon):

The Gaza War of 2009 is a final and eloquent testimony to the complete failure of the neoconservative movement in United States foreign policy. For over a decade, the leading figures in this school of thought saw the violent overthrow of Saddam Hussein and the institution of a parliamentary regime in Iraq as the magic solution to all the problems in the Middle East.  . . .  After eight years in which they strode the globe like colossi, they have left behind a devastated moonscape reminiscent of some post-apocalyptic B movie. As their chief enabler prepares to exit the White House, the only nation they have strengthened is Iran; the only alliance they have deepened is that between Iran and two militant Islamist entities to Israel’s north and south, Hezbollah and Hamas.

Very profound analysis, and a tribute to the indomitable human spirit, and the inevitability of reason over unreasonable force.  The Palestine/Israel problem is now one of pure demographics and it will gravitate towards this arena as time goes on.

After the rout of neocons from the U.S. administration, Gaza 2009 was their last gasp, and in today’s interconnected world, the outcome could have been no different.