Guess who is Progressive on Women? Vatican or Al-Azhar?

On most aspects of women’s rights, the clock cannot be rolled back.  In fact, birth control and planning can be instrumental in social and economic planning.

Among the four religious power-houses that affect the social lives of 60% of humanity, the Anglican church is out front but has probably lost its way a bit.  Then we have the *howzas * of Qom taking the lead on behalf of Shiite rite within Islam.  And click to read how Al-Azhar is also starting to make sense.  The Vatican is far, far behind.

We agree that too radical a change creates social problems and some current moral standards may turn out to be fads or outright dangerous for society in the long run.  However, a woman’s ability to control her own reproductive faculties is here to stay and it is best to harness it for the benefit of women, children and society at large.

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