Gulf News Editorial may avert Iran War

The Emir of Kuwait met with the Ruler of Dubai and the next day, the Gulf News editorialized:

Be Wary of Such Friends

US view of the UAE is a lie based on a falsehood wrapped in a misconception

One must reserve a certain amount of admiration for former US Senator Gary Hart. As a guest speaker of the Emirates Centre for Strategic Studies he expounds the view that there should be a global force to police the Gulf – a sort of UN2.

It takes considerable gall to make such suggestions to your host nation, thereby implying a level of incompetence in the ability of the UAE and other Gulf countries to protect their own. But then, that sort of talk has been permeating the corridors of power in Washington in recent weeks, ever since the DP World bid for P&O. It would seem the UAE, all of a sudden, is no longer fit to handle its affairs competently and securely. And this, after more than 30 years of collaboration between the US and the UAE.

Suddenly, the UAE which is a keen buyer of US defence equipment; which is anxious to do business with US industry; which is thought fit engouth to service and equip US navy boats; which is host to many thousands of American citizens going about their daily business and recreation – is no longer deemed fit to be called friend and collaborator. Worse it is seen as inept and, as is being misspoken by many US politicians, in need of the US to survive.

What a pity so many allegedly intelligent American politicians are too lazy or too indifferent to find out for themselves exactly what the UAE is all about: its aims, endeavours and its achievements. What a pity if is that so many American politician, rather than speaking to on a subject with knowledge, prefer instead to grab the the main chance in domestic political manoeuvring and misinform their public. Such has been the way with American politicians for some time, but we expect better of our guests.