'Historic' Opportunity missed by Ahmadiyya and Newsquest

Comments on Omar Oakes’ non-story about non-news in the Newsquest papers :

I was always surprised at this media ruckus over a couple of isolated halal-meat shop incidents that were termed a ‘hate campaign’.  When is the last time someone heard of Muslim workers at a Jewish kosher meat store, or a Muslim cook in a Hindu vegetarian kitchen?  So, employment law and community sensitivities around halal meat were not properly handled; but is that a hate campaign?

No more surprises, as we have credible information that Mr. Oakes (the main ‘reporter’ behind this whole saga) seems to be part of the propaganda campaigns of Ahmadiyya leadership — yes the same people behind the ‘murder leaflet and  bus campaign‘.  We have evidence that shows Omar Oakes indirectly consulting Basharat Nazir and Nasir Dean of the Ahmadiyya Press Department, and to use at least two of their suggested strategies in his ‘news’ reports — unsuccessful attempt as ‘undercover Omar El-Ghamry’, and to raise the issue of Anam Taha’s (murder leaflet girl) identity in this story.  And at about the same time as this story, Rafiq Hayat of the Qadiani Ahmadiyya had instructed his Press Department that a frivolous report be sent to the police.  More on this below.

First, let us analyse other parts of this latest ‘story':

*Kingston police were investigating allegations of hate crimes after a leaflet . . . . . Kingston police later said it had never been handed the leaflet and has not received any other allegations. *

Huh?  What is this week’s story then?  Plumbing new lows of journalism, Newsquest continues to flog this dead horse, but why? The ‘death leaflet girl’ was identified by the BBC, and was interviewed by them. Her account to them conflicts with the original account published in another Newsquest paper, which again conflicts with the account allegedly given to the police.

It has also come to our attention that the Qadiani Ahmadiyya have encouraged a mass migration of German Ahmadis to move to the UK and that has resulted in a disproportional burden on local Council social services, who have complained about the situation to the Qadiani leadership, and that one of the goals of this media ‘hate campaign’ was to silence the local council and local politicians on this issue. The alleged reason for asking these jobless people to migrate was that UK benefits and council houses allowed them to contribute more money to the Qadiani leadership’s coffers.

Whichever angle we look at, it is a sad day for Newsquest newspapers and British journalism.  A historic chance has been missed by Newsquest to set the story right, and a historic chance for the Qadiani Ahmadiyya leadership to show themselves as a constructive community that can sit with Muslims and agree on something, instead of looking for some cheap propaganda victory after the ‘hate campaign’ blew up so badly.  If the Qadiani Ahmadiyya do so in this case, it would be a first in the closed community’s 120-year-old history.