Humanity - For all or for None

Often in human history, there comes a time when a generation must heed the call to quell a threat to civilization. Not every generation is faced with this call and those that do are remembered for their sacrifice by the others that are not.

These are the people who recognize evil for what it is and do not emulate the ostrich, and every time humanity moves to a higher platform of liberty. This is the price of democracy and liberty and prosperity of the entire human race: eternal vigilance and a desire to sacrifice one’s comfort and peace to uphold shared human ideals against the oppression of a powerful few.

Once again, the signs are all there for us: racism, lies, propaganda, colonisation, ethnic genocide, assassinations, starvation, mercantile mercenaries — lowly soldiers of one race being promoted as demi-Gods to be forcibly worshipped by another — mercenaries that are above the sanctity of life of children, women and the weak and elderly. When the killing of innocents sparks cheerful raptures in otherwise normal human beings, something fundamental has shifted –– yet again. When a human does not see his child in a dead child of another race, he is inhuman, yet again –– for we are all one race –– the human race.

In recent history, we saw this with the British colonial masters, the American plantation owners and the Third Reich in Germany, among many others. All were brought down by persistent appeal to human values and the perseverance of the few against all odds.

Now we are seeing it in Israel and its agents that have maneuvred the United States. The United States being a country founded on very different principles that it espouses today. The land of Jefferson and Lincoln, now devoid of principles and fooled to the degree that it is chasing its own tail –– the policy head chasing the tail of its own illogical stances.

Only we can stand up, we who have nothing to lose. We have to stand up –– in every meeting, every encounter, every writing and every sphere of our lives. An all-out war on this latest scourge and with all means at our disposal. Even if it hurts us personally, we have to do it. History will judge our inaction now, for the evil is already identified.

This is a call to arms –– use the spoken word, the written word, tireless legs and hands and sleepless minds — and fight fire with fire. Each confrontation with evil is unique and not quite like the one before. The techniques of the past can guide but will not work, for the evil has found ways to blunt them. Let us look at other means of civilized resistance, and let us give this new evil a name –– ‘Zionism’. Like Nazism, it started with a nationalist identity for a humiliated people, but out of its insecurity and a perverted sense of superiority, it chose for itself a path of depravity. Let the philosophers and sociologists figure out why, while we reduce it to what it should have been, and not the monster it has become.

Confront any Zionist you meet in the street and tell him exactly what you think. Confront Americans who support Zionism and stop them and force them to listen to reason. Confront your professors to be true to their academic responsibility. Confront your politicians to be patriotic. Confront newspaper editors, reporters and television anchors. Tell them they are impotent and lackeys to an evil. Confront, be blunt, and confront some more. They need your confrontation to wake up the morality that the Creator has endowed them with but is asleep. They are the ones that will quell this evil, eventually. You just have to wake them up, now.

We cannot allow humanity itself to be monopolized. It’s for all or for none.