Jonathan Kay's hate in the National Post Editorial Page

The editorial page of the National Post has hit a new low.

2003-10-03.Toronto.In Friday’s National Post editorial page, Mr. Jonathan Kay called Arafat a “murderer”, called Edward Said a “fabricator and liar” and his only sadness at Said’s death was that Death had taken the wrong person.

Dear friends, this is a national editorial of Canada — calling an elected president of a universally-acknowledged oppressed nation, and Nobel Peace Prize Winner, a ‘murderer’ and wishing his death. Also, it is a violation of that basic ethic of all civilized societies — not to badmouth someone in obituary. But all semblance of civilization is gone when someone supports the Palestinian cause. Yet — NO one will raise a voice — such is the moral quandary created by the hyper-Zionist Israeli apologizers in the media, as represented in Canada through the Asper family. Why do I say “hyper”? Mr. Kay is more Israeli than Sharon. In his piece, he puts quotes around Said’s use of ‘colonial occupation’, whereas Sharon, a few weeks ago, candidly questioned the long-term viability of the ‘Israeli occupation’ — and he was not responding to a question — he was making a statement.

CBC and Neil McDonald are being harrassed daily in the media by the Asper family for being factual in their reporting of the events in Israel. In Friday and Saturday’s papers, Mr. McDonald proved the falseness of the quotes attributed to him. Mr. Asper’s response: CP should have checked with me before releasing the story. No apology.

We call on the National Post to rid itself of foreign elements in its staff and to reflect the morals and ethics of Canadian media and journalists in general. We demand an apology from Mr. Kay and advise him to undergo therapy so that he can be sure about his identity. Maybe he can emigrate to Israel and find a job there, but he may be just too Zionist for the mainstream Israeli newspapers, who had a pretty balanced approach to Mr. Said’s death.