Let there be War!

The question of Israel is not a question of Jews. And the proposal by the Iranian president to review the Holocaust is not fanaticism. There is a prosperous Jewish community of 5,000+ living in Iran in Isfahan (a few miles away from one of the nuclear reactors of Iran and the one most likely to be bombed).

The root of the Israeli-Palestinian problem lies in the Western guilt over the Holocaust (part true and part myth in my humble opinion). War is evil and certain groups got targeted, both in WWI and WWII. The request of the Zionists at the time was in congruity with the Allied victors’ desire to dismember the Arabian world.

Jews have always lived among Arabs – and the majority rules according to the dictates of democracy — whether it was Arabs living under Jewish kings or Jews living under Arab caliphs. To carve out a niche and create an apartheid state and play havoc with the majority through superior arms and an obsession with land – that is the result of the Holocaust story – truth and myth – and that is the story of Israel. It has nothing to do with the Jewish religion, which has always lived in harmony with Islam and still does.

While Jews were persecuted and killed by Hitler, it was part of WWII and the Third Reich, not a supernatural event that would require the capitalization of an entire English word for all time to come. More people have been killed by the WWII allies – before and since. The Indian famines of the 19th century were engineered by the British and in which millions died. The same goes for the Chinese famines during the Opium wars.

Ahmedinejad is playing brilliant politics. Remember, economic independence and success ONLY comes from military superiority. Post-WWII success of Japan and Germany do not count because those countries are still occupied by the victor (US) under every definition of the word ‘occupation’.

Some say that Iran should just lay low for now and focus on its oil bourse (that will trade oil in currencies than the US dollar – driving USD demand down). However, the military threat of the UK or US has to be neutralized by Iran — or even the oil bourse can be bombed at any time. The only way to neutralize this threat is to call their bluff and up-tick the rhetoric. Followers and the scared and the weak have NEVER changed history – this is the tragedy of the human race.

The Iraq war was a result of superb Iranian spying and diplomacy – establishing it as a regional power and power broker in Iraq.

Ahmedinejad is a popularly elected leader of a proud people. Each time the US/UK calls him fanatic or calls him a “regime” he strikes back – offensively and NOT defensively. Strikes in an area where the West least expects it.

The only way to economic independence is through military superiority or at least neutralization (through treaty of bluster). Everyone, brush off your history books and wake up from the myth of a peaceful world order that has been promulgated since WWII by the UN that is the club of the “Great Powers”. One thing mankind has consistently done through the ages is WAR – WAR is evil but necessary to sort out probems that inevitably occur when interests conflict.

That’s how we all were until we ceded authority to the state. Until the UN becomes a Hobbesian Leviathan – impartial and dispenser of justice – in other words until we live in a world-state eventually – let’s have war. Maybe it is the only antidote to tyranny for now until there is justice in the world and an equal opportunity for other powers to be ‘Great’.