Mozilla Browser Urdu Language Pack for Windows XP

Mozilla is a very good open-source browser and provides the engine for such popular browsers such as Netscape, Konqueror and Galeon. This is a pre-release (testing) version of the Urdu language pack. It will present MOST commands, shortcuts, error messages and help in Urdu! It has been tested on Windows XP. For the shaping of ‘cheh’, ‘goal heh’ etc., only the Tahoma Windows font will work. You need to do the following, if it is not already on your system. (Other fonts and OS instructions are being worked on) 1. Look in Windows XP help for the term ‘complex script’ 2. Follow the instructions to enable Arabic and select Urdu as one of the keyboard layouts. 3. Get a font that supports extended Arabic characters – Microsoft Sans Serif and Tahoma support Urdu ligatures. 4. Watch for more information here. So, here is the ‘testing’ version of this language pack – if you open this link from a Mozilla browser, it will automagically install the language pack — Mozilla Urdu Language Pack 0.2 beta