Muslims -- heed the call

The great see-saw of civilizations is again sawing. The new Romans (West), China, Russia and Australia are against Islam. Why? because Islam promises hope and equality for the oppressed of the world. The ‘huddled masses’ that have been materially and psychologically exploited since 1492.
The poor of the world cannot be exploited more. We do NOT want so-called progress, that brings misery to billions. We do not want Russia and its satellites selling guns sold to warlords in Africa. The resources of the world are being ravaged. Every country from Zambia to Indonesia is a victim. All in a big CRESCENT — from the Kalahari to Indonesia, through East and West Africa, Northern Africa, Middle East and the Indian sub-contintent.
China, Russia and the West have their own tales of unspeakable cruelty and psychological trauma to human beings and their societies. Islam was a blessing — the only human system that lives and lets live. The few anecdotal tales that serve as conventional wisdom of the West are just that – a few isolated tales. The only response to them is to compare the treatment of Muslims and Christians in Granada by Christian and Muslim rulers respectively. History recorded everything that need not be repeated.
The oppressing and brainwashing cultures that produced Hitler, Stalin, Mao and the Slave Trade hate Islam because of the liberty it brings to oppressed masses.
Muslims, it is your turn to liberate the world.
Draw a green curtain around the so-called Third World — this Third World will produces the politicians, artists, philosophers, businessmen and generals that will lead the world. Protect your resources, increase your pride. The life of a child in Sierra Leone is as precious as the child of an American soldier. The life of a teenager in Ethiopia is as precious as a banker in the World Trade Center.
STOP living like second-class citizens. You ARE NOT. You are the future of this world.
You ask how?
No violence. Compassion to one another. Sincerity of purpose. and a sense of brotherhood accross races and tribes. It will happen, it is happening. Convince your leaders to pray in the mosques shoulder-to-shoulder with you. Any leader who is afraid of his life can go back to private life. This is the key. When this happens — and it will happen.
No progress or space exploration, or knowledge or technology is worth anything if it brings more misery to the world.
Take account for all the pain and misery in the world since 1492 CE and bring about its end. Let the West live in its own civilization – a civilization that has brought some good to the world. BUT – stop it from dehumanizing the rest of the world. Muhammad was a MERCY for the world — we will make it reach the billions that need mercy.