The new U.S. - a Nation of Simpletons and Criminals?

A far cry from the bravery of the “terrorists” of the Boston Tea Party, Americans are increasingly casting doubts on their inability to raise the mental level of their population.

However, experts say that the recent financial strength of the country was most recently due to the GREAT DOTCOM SCAM and the initial steps of so-called “globalization” and will fizzle away very soon.

The Justice Policy Institute says:

One out of three young African American males are under some form of criminal justice control.

Two-thirds of those incarcerated in prison and jail (approximately 1.2 million inmates) are imprisoned for non-violent offenses.

The prison growth rate during the 1990s…exceeded the prison growth of the 1980s by 61%, and is nearly 30 times the average prison population growth of any decade prior to the 1970s.

America has earned the distinction of having a quarter of the world’s prison population, despite having less than 5% of the world’s population.

Part of the incarceration problem is traced by human rights agencies to unfair racist laws which have different penalties for essentially the same crimes, distinguished by societal patterns peculiar to each race.

Another problem is the election of populist, “tough” District Attorneys and Sherirfs, whose offices prosecute most criminal offences. These elected officials have no interest in the rehabilitation of individuals.
Since they are elected officials, there is no great recourse against them, and people are afraid and intimidated by them. Torture and cruelties have been reported, and in some cases, the larger the prison in a Sheriff’s jurisdiction, the more power he/she has.

An increasing exasperation by the white majority of European descent is leading to “coded racism”, a form of silent protest against the anti-racist laws of the country. This type of racism is almost endemic to the racial group and is composed of code words, mannerisms and common behaviours.

All attempts at addressing the concerns eating away at the fabric of American society are discarded due to the inattention of lawmakers and this “coded racism.” Part of the inattention is the cacophonic din of lobbyists.

The world community is observing these developments and hence becoming increasingly aware of an impending implosion if things are not rectified soon.

This should become apparent from the fact that only real “allies” the U.S. has now are Great Britain, Australia and to some extent, Canada. All three of these countries are of Anglo-Saxon extraction and share the “coded racism” to one degree on another. There seems to be little problem in the citizens of one country integrating into the Anglo-Saxon lifestyle of another countries withing this group.

One of the code words is “civilization” — which at various times means Western Europe, the white race, or all countries with judicial and social systems derived from Western Europe or in some cases, specifically Great Britain.

In my opinion, education is the only answer to this self-destructive navel-gazing problem, which is bound to be exacerbated as the U.S. population contains increasing number of peole who are born in the U.S. but may not be white.