No moral equivalence - the failure of words

**How dare the boy be angry! – courtesy AP — **War is not war. Occupation is not occupation. Terrorizing millions of civilians for political objectives is not terrorism. When words are hijacked, brutalized, twisted and bent into strange shapes, they will come back to fall on those that erect them. There is no moral equivalence between the massacre of an oppressor and the resistance of the oppressed. It is time to declare that there are two Jewish states in the world – whose ideologies are a threat to the rest of the world – Israel and USA. I stand today, a witness over the death of democracy and its betrayal by its guardians — its wordsmiths — the media and the legislators.

It is time to stop rationalizing with imperial forces — their only salvation is now in mental slavery — and they are half-way there. My words are now for my nation, for I know not the words they speak, and neither do they.