Obama on the Wrong Side of History on Palestine

The application to the United Nations for admitting the state of Palestine has been submitted.

In a speech eerily reminiscent of Colin Powell’s shameless assertion of Iraqi WMDs at the UN, President Obama produced another US presentation at the UN that reeked of hypocrisy and falsehood.  Any credibility that the United States had has been lost.

The issue of Israel goes back to a curious nexus between the cause of the Crusades and to the Protestant guilt at the Holocaust.  Germans are mostly Lutherans, and the intellectuals among the Jewish survivors of the Holocaust vowed to bring down Protestant Christianity as an immoral and racist herd psychology that was capable of any atrocity.  In our opinion, it is not Protestantism or Martin Luther — there is a certain Nordic tendency to racial and social purity that may be confused with Protestantism.  It remains in check for decades, but when confronted with uncertainty,  the Nordics band together and go overboard with their misguided cohesive dehumanisation of ‘the other’.  The Vikings did it, the English did it, Hitler did it, and now the Anglo-Saxon world did it again after 9/11.

As the decades flow between us and the Holocaust, it is time to let go of the Holocaust guilt and the choke hold of the Jewish intellectuals.  Now, we humans rarely let go of a privilege unless they are dragged, kicking and screaming, to reality.  Now is the time for the current leadership of Israel to let go — let go of the moral tribute of Northern Europe that they were rightfully entitled to at one point in history.

It was always the Christian knights that wanted to conquer the Holy Land.  This was their payback of the shock of the nascent Christian Empire being rolled back by the Prophet Muhammad and his Arab nation.  Finally, in the earlier part of the 20th century, the decline of the Ottoman empire gave them this opening that had eluded them for centuries.

The best way may be to allow the European Jews to go back to Europe, and the Semitic Jews and their descendants — the Palestinians — to live in peace in the Holy Land.  They have lived in peace there for centuries.  It is time for the Christian knights to admit that most Jews and Christian in the Holy Land did indeed convert to Islam by their own will and sometimes history cannot be re-written.

Obama lost his chance to set that line of reversal.  But the line has been drawn nevertheless.