The Proxy War between US and Iran is on

Impeccable timing and media manipulation – that’s all I can say.

“Now the Lebanese and the Palestinians are both caught in the crossfire. Iran and its proxies on one side, and Israel (and Washington) on the other, are acting like chess players who, having both thought out a sequence of moves well in advance, are now moving pieces and sacrificing pawns at breakneck speed. There will be a great many pawns sacrificed, as well as most of the other pieces on the board, and the end game will inevitably be truly ugly. Unless somebody intervenes.” — Geov Parrish at

Israel’s over-reaction to the capture of anonymous soldiers coincided with the referral of Iran to the UN concerning its nuclear program. The dust will not settle easily now. The US is going to be pulled in, and its decision is to let tensions simmer or let the drums roll – World War III.

Meanwhile, what we can do to defuse (and I really mean defuse this) in the long run:

  1. Israel needs to be defanged and depopulated by ‘encouraging’ European Jews and Russian Jews to go home to flee the violence. The others are mostly Iranian and Moroccan Jews who have a long history of living peaceably with Arabs.

  2. The Zionist agenda is so vicious and so apocalyptic that it may well take the world down with it. One cannot reason with true believers.

  3. US goal is to destabilize whole of Middle East. Destabilization with American bases being constructed daily – more than 20 and still counting. That’s the goal – nothing else. Neo-colonialism – say it out aloud – don’t shy.

  4. We need concerted action of clergy, intelligentsia, academia from all over the world. This is nothing less than Nazism or Communism – in fact much worse – for it lies through its teeth. And that lying is its Achilles’ heel.