QeRN Muslim Identity Award for 2010

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After being dormant for three years, we have gone back to monitoring the media for stories that distort the Muslim identity, and for attempts to put the issue into the right social and political perspective.

For this year, our inaugural award goes to Hussein Rashid for his measured and thoughtful response to the Ahmadi/Qadiani campaign to distort the perception of Muslims in the United States, and to some degree, the United Kingdom.  The question that the Ahmadiyya answer is a hypothetical loaded question in the mind of Islamophobes.  Unfortunately for the followers of this fringe religion, lacking the basic ethos of the Islamic identity as they are not allowed to commune with Muslims, the line between thoughtful analysis and indoctrinated ideas is blurred.

We salute Hussein Rashid for his courage and persistence in furtherance of Muslim Identity in the 21st Century.