Questions that beg answers

Who really benefits from the events of Sept 11 – Muslims or anti-Muslims?
Who has the power to define and is defining terrorism?
Estimated number of people killed through the US actions in Latin America, Africa, Asia and Middle East during the last 60 years?
IRA training camps and supporters, including the americans, are well known but why there have been no attacks on IRA resources? (IRA has claimed thousands lives, including the Queen’s uncle, in main-land UK)
In view that any criticism of the state of Israel is taken as an attack on Jews, why the attacks, physical or otherwise, on Muslim countries should not be seen as attacks on Islam?
Are the so called ‘moderate’ Muslims honest in propagating a non-conflictual model of Islam whilst Islam not only asks people to say Allah-o-akbar but also to implement it, and similarly Islam is not only about living in peace but also to implement peace?
Why some so called Muslim leaders use the terninology such as extremists, fundamentalists and nationists to divide Muslims while the fact is that these terms do not relate to Islam at all?