Second Annual QeRN Muslim Identity Award - 2011

We are pleased to announce our second annual award which goes to an organisation instead of an individual.  This organisation is composed of selfless individuals who work as a collective.  

As with last year, we have chosen an event towards the later half of the year.  The award goes to the Kirklees Imam and Mosque Advisory Board (KIMAB).  This organisation shows remarkable unity and has a governance structure that promotes function, equality and stability over parochial interests.  Like last year’s winner, Hussein Rashid, we congratulate them for their measured and thoughtful response to various events in their area over the later part of the year.

It is only through selfless organisations such as these that Muslim identity is being presented and developed in the world today.  We salute KIMAB for their courage and persistence in furtherance of Muslim Identity in the 21st Century.

(The Award consists of a commemorative plaque and a token gift)