The Shariah Threat to America

shariah threatby Akber Choudhry

This situation is the classical definition of the Arabic word ‘fitnah’.  This picture on the left is actually from the title of a report by the ‘B Team’, composed of generals and scholars and published by the Center for Security Policy, an established think-tank in the United States.

Reading the report, it is appalling how insane the premise is, and how twisted the logic is.  What is the mode of living of any nation or any people is presented as some alien conspiracy to whom every Muslim subscribes.

The authors of this report are not alone — they are the cause of a new trend — the ‘Shariah Threat Crowd’.  David Yerushalmi, Pamela Geller, Congressman Peter King, “Brigitte Gabriel”, Deborah Pauly are all new and even more virulent additions to the usual Pipes and Spencers of the U.S.

A couple of comments on the morality of this crowd: One of the authors is the famous general who mentioned ‘our God and their God’ with reference to Somalia.  Another, Joseph Schmitz tried to have a case against Pentagon contractors thrown out as it should have been tried by Shariah — yes, this is not a typo.

In 2008, in attempting to have the case thrown out of federal court in Florida, Schmitz argued that because the crash occurred in Afghanistan, Sharia law should be applied. Conveniently, Sharia law does not hold a company responsible for the actions of employees performed within the course of their work. Schmitz and Blackwater’s other lawyers argued that the crash lawsuit “is governed by the law of Afghanistan,” declaring that “Afghan law is largely religion-based and evidences a strong concern for ensuring moral responsibility, and deterring violations of obligations within its borders.” (Scahill)

We will be writing much more on this in the days to come.  Suffice it to say that all decent human beings need to get together to resist this U.S. warmongering — this time on an unprecedented large scale — simultaneously against 57 countries of the world — all Muslim countries.  And the really scary piece is that if one were to believe the conclusion of this report, America would not be secure until each and every Muslim from the word was eradicated or made to renounce his/her religion.

I leave you with a very high-level view of the flawed logic of this report: The report warns of a ‘caliphate’ over all Muslim lands as the goal of Muslims, but fail to tell you that a caliphate existed for more than 13 centuries and lived more or less peacefully with the rest of the world.  They say that Islam intends to ‘dominate’ the word but miss out on the other evangelical religion — Christianity to spread the gospel to the entire world.  They differentiate between the canon law of other religions and Islamic Shariah with the Islamic one being political; and the Jewish scholar who got up to explain this — Yerushalmi — never mentioned the political aspects of the land that ‘God gave to Israel’ in Jewish holy scriptures.  And they repeat every Islamophobic canard, even those that have been rejected, without shame and without remorse.  My dear friends, this is a very strange think-tank report.

After reading it, I had to take a break for a few hours.  I am not exaggerating that I have never seen something so sinister and so evil, especially as it comes from ‘intellectuals’.  And Muslims are not even 2% of the U.S. population and the vast majority, according to every poll, are hard-working peaceful Americans.

They call themselves Team B II.  The first Team B was the one that put together the evil threat of Communism that led to the military buildup of the 1980s.  This time, it is all imaginary — a virtual threat that will be neutralised with all the output of American ordnance factories — all delivered remotely without putting American soldiers at risk — killing millions all in the name of peace.

Enough of these ‘Christians’, and I use that word as the main author is the ‘my God, your God’ general.  The civilised and intelligent academics of the Western world need to wake up now and be heard over this din, or else they would not have a civilisation to defend — not because the so-called Islamic hordes would have conquered them, but because were the West to follow this report, there would not be anything civilised left that would be worth defending.