Some penetrating thoughts

Some thoughts:

  1. Islam is about living in peace with nature and with each other but it demands maintaining peace too eg by confronting oppression since there is no universal peace till there is oppression.
  2. Capitalism has no cause and no programme, communism had a cause but very corrupt programme of implementation, whilst Islam has both the cause and programme; hence the reason for Islam to be a tickling thorn in Western eyes. Despite all the sugar-coating, the fact is that Islam as a system is bitterly attacked by US/UK (Israel being their baby) at present and a huge effort is now being made to cripple it.
  3. Enemies of Islam have always creped into the gap created by the disharmony within Muslims; otherwise they have no speciality to enslave (politically, morally or economically) Muslim countries.
  4. Colonialists like US/UK create conflicts (and keep them alive) in strategically significant regions in Middle East, Asia and Africa to justify their presence which they need to exploit valuable resources in these regions; ages-old colonial strategy to maintain ‘third world’ in order to keep the ‘first world’ alive.
  5. US/UK and their institutions, like IMF and UNO, have power to define and redefine, and have power to reward those who collude with them and penalise those who oppose them.
  6. It is wrong for some Muslims, who have axe to grind, to present Islam as a non-conflictual ‘faith’ because Islam is a supreme system that confronts, defies and opposes oppressive and unjust systems and norms. The minute we say “Allah-o-Akbar”, conflict has started.
  7. Currently Islam is under siege and Muslims are not Muslim enough to liberate it.