Summary of Common Narratives

From the various biblical narratives, we get the ‘deceiver’, ‘one eye’, inscription on forehead, ‘seven years’, great tribulation (fitnah), the wars, the attack from the South to around Syria, final war, years of peace and love, etc.

I will not delve into it at length, but the presence of Israiliyyat (or Jewish/Christian traditions) in the Ahadith has been a known problem for scholars, and some narrators of Ahadith, especially those who came from Judaic/Christian background narrated both Ahadith and Israiliyyat. What can be readily inferred is that the Antichirst as deduced Old and New testaments and the Deceptive Messiah of the Ahadith are the same pre-Islamic concept.

Many early Christians considered Muhammad(saw) as the Antichrist, Martin Luther (founder of Protestantism) considered the Pope (Catholic) as the Antichrist, and modern evangelical Christians consider a Muslim leader who will attack Israel as the Antichrist.

The commonly known Islamic narrative describes the Maseeh-Dajjal creating a great tribulation on earth, the birth (or appearance) of the Mahdi to welcome the adult Jesus who will descend and whose mission would be to kill the Maseeh-Dajjal, and will not ask Muslims to follow him in prayer and also not otherwise interfere in Muslim affairs of the time.