A Tale of Two Wars

This is an attempt to chronicle what happened in Afghanistan when the United States and Britain attacked. Please send us any information that you might have. People who died, were injured, acts of bravery, death of civilians. Any information will help the historical record in some little way.

Waiting for the Barbarians (the Guardian): http://www.qern.org/blog/en/waiting-barbarians-morris-berman-courtesy-guardian/

War against Afghanistan , 2001 to Present

Presumably in response to the attacks on the Untited States, the US, under the auspices of the UN, struck Afghanistan in late 2001.

Hampshire College Condemned the War


Industrial-Media Complex

This title may sound like a cliché, but from the crooked analysts of Wall Street to commercial placements of products in movies, the flux of forces that drive U.S. society are whirling in an increasingly frenzied dance of commercial exploitation at any cost. Among the favorite shelters of the practitioners of this crass art are the once-noble words like “capitalism”, “free markets”, “democracy” and “freedom”.

Iraq War (2003 - ): the Last Imperial War

Just as imperialism and colonialism became more subtle after World War II, warfare will be re-defined after this war, with imperial subjugation becoming more subtle and refined.

You call this liberation?

by Sidney Blumenthal (www.salon.com) December 1, 2004

Pentagon experts have made a discovery: Muslims do not hate America’s freedoms, but its policies.