Terrorism since 1492

We are attempting to make a list of state-sponsored terrorism, genocide and assassinations since 1492- a pivotal year in the history of the world. Please help us in this effort for the good of the world.

Here is a breakdown of the premilinary search –

  1. approx. number of victims of crusades, witch-hunts and massacres (btw,
    massacre is a Catholic religious term) prior to 1492  –
        a. Crusades — from 1,000,000 (Wertham) to 5,000,000 (Aletheia)
    including Muslims and Europeans.  Pow killing and Jerusalem Massacre
        b. Witch-hunts — from 20,000 (Wertham) to 13,000,000 (Erika Wisselink)
        c. Arian schism — 1,000,000     (Aletheia)
        d. Carthaginian Wars — 1,000,000 (“)
        e. Propagation of Christianity in Nordic Europe — 2,000,000
        f. Propagation of Christianity in French, Denmark, Germany etc. -

Average:       10,000,000

2.  Spanish Inquisition and massacre of Muslims and Jews in Spain after
Muslim Golden Rule:
 * still researching*

  1. The African Slave Trade.  Minimum of direct murders (slaves and
    transport) is 6 million. Stannard puts the mortality at 80% by the time a
    slave was “seasoned”.  Frederic Wertham, a conservative estimator in other
    areas, estimates the total number of deaths (including capture forays in
    Africa) at 150,000,000.  This does not count the post-slavery genocide.  Let
    us give the benefit of the doubt

Total cost of African lives: 150,000,000

  1. Genocide of American Indians – 8,000,000 to 145,000,000.  Problem is, by
    the time they started counting, most of the carnage was done.  Wertham
    calculates South American Indians killed at 15,000,000 and Aletheia calcs
    Mexican and Peruvians at 30,000,000.  Including independent estimates of
    Caribbean and Canadian Indians, 100,000,000 sounds reasonable.  This is the
    estimate reached by Stannard.  I believe the total to be closer to
    150,000,000.  Research is ongoing.  The atrocities are abominating.

Total lives of slaughtered Native Americans: 100,000,000

  1. Mike Davis, Late Victorian Holocausts: El Niño Famines and the Making of
    the Third World (2001) argues that the business policies of the imperial
    European bureacrats, traders and landlords in the face of El Niño drought
    intensified these famines and thereby caused millions of deaths (White)

Economic slavery in South America, India and South America — 1860 to 1900 -
32,000,000 to 62,000,000
Average: 50,000,000

  1. Encyclopedia Britannica and Wertham agree on Congolese deaths as a result
    of Belgian brutality — 22,000,000
        Hochschild estimates that 50% of the population of French Africa was
    killed due to Colonial brutality – est. 10,000,000
    European governments are still reluctant to release actual numbers
    Central African Europen victims – 1890 to 1910 – 32,000,000

  2. Australia – adding Maoris, Tasmanians, and aborigines – 2,000,000 -
    although I would put the figure at 5,000,000 as the former number is AFTER
    Europeans started counting and the major killings had been done

Conservative Estimate 2,500,000

  1. Graff, American Imperialism and the Philippine Insurrection (1969) -
    Filipino combatants: 16-20,000  Filipino non-combatants: 250,000.  American
    General said one-sixth of the Luzon had been exterminated – around 600,000

Estimate – 500,000

  1. Nineteenth century forced labor deaths in Brazil and other Portuguese and
    French colonies – not counting (6) above:  500,000.  German Extermination of
    Hereros in SW Africa.

  2. Germany in East African — according to Packenham — 300,000

  3. Italian’s victims in Libya – 1911-30 — 750,000

  4. Angelo Del Boca, The Ethiopian War 1935-1941 (1965)  — Ethiopian
    victims of Italians — 760,000

  5. French in Algeria before WWII- 1,000,000

  6. Count World War I – ha ha – European War imposed on the World
    (22,000,000) and World War II (50,000,000) – about

  7. Count all the proxy wars between the superpowers — Cambodia, Laos,
    Vietnam – where people had been living peacefully for centuries, until armed
    and paid by imperialists to kill each other.

  8. UN Food and Agriculture Organization estimated that 1,000,000 Iraqis,
    incl. 560,000 children, died as a result of malnutrition and disease caused
    by the international embargo imposed

  9. Somalia  Encarta: 50,000 killed in fighting and 300,000 dead of

  10. Count the Arms traders and arms supplied by European powers e.g.
    Liberia, Sierra Leone, etc.  I’ve lived in Sierra Leone among the most
    peaceful (once) people of the world.

We are over half a billion already — and when you account for the man-made
famines of Russia and China, the total could well reach a billion over the
past 500 years.  How dare Islam be accused of barbarism.  Islamic warfare
never harms cattle, crops, mosques or civilians.

We are living under the most barbaric rule in the history of the world.
The lines drawn by Europeans on the map (a.k.a countries) of the world are
for their convenience.  This is the psychological reasons for the submission
of the world to their rule  – centuries of brutality,extortion and
exploitation have left the world crippled.  And now they have the audacity
to call other civilizations ‘less-developed’, ‘irrational’ etc. and some
Muslims swallow that – laa hawla wa laa quwatta.

The Prophet (saw) predicted accurately when he said that there will be no
tribulation – fitna – like the fitna of the Dajjal – and his smoke
(propaganda) will permeate the nostrils of all mankind

My dear brothers, I am proud to be a Muslim – part of the most civilized and
last God-given culture and faith on Earth.  In our submission to Allah, we
are passionate, and outspoken.  Is this a fault? maybe – but it is our
greatest strength.  The General Sincerity of our society can be mocked as
medieval – but it will produce the next great civilization in the next 200
years.  The question is, will you comfortably follow, or uncomfortably lead?

May Allah forgive us and guide us,
Ahmad Hindi