The Trouble with Islam: A Discussion

Javed Chaudry
Here is a copy of a brief review that appeared in today’s Toronto Star. It is about a book and its author, Irshad Manji. Manji produces a show on TVO (TV Ontario) called ‘The Big Ideas’, that airs at 1:30 PM on Sundays. The book is apparently a criticism of Islam. As the author claims to be a Muslim so it is all the more important to know what exactly she has to say. From her name, I guess she is an Ismaili Muslim. I am not sure if I can consider Ismailis proper Muslims. But at any rate, from this review it appears that she does not think that Quran is a message from God. If that is so, I wonder if I can place much importance to what she has to say about Islam. To add insult to injury, she is gay. I am not sure she has criticism for Islam or (some of the) Muslims. Very often people fail to distinguish between the two.

What really bothers me is that the Zionists have done such a successful job of creating 9/11, now every one who can put a few words together has declared an open season on Islam and the Muslims.

I have just picked up a copy of the book; ‘The trouble with Islam’. I cannot wait to find out what on earth she has against Islam and what suggestions she has to improve it that Allah Himself could not think of.

The book is available from both Chapters and Amazon.Ca.

Please do pass on this review to your friends.