UAE Prosecution Commendable

Corrupt countries do not admit they are corrupt, and the concept of corruption is a bit relative among various world cultures. So, I often thought, do we weed out the not-improving corrupt from the incorrigibly corrupt. One day, while reading about the prosecution of Chinese officials, it hit me — at some point they do prosecute the rich and the powerful. Singaporeans do it, and Indians have started to do it. In Pakistan they do it, but usually for political purposes, and never heard of it in Iran or in Egypt (until recently).

The UAE government, by putting SheikhIssa under house arrest, is off to a good start. Now, he needs to be put on public trial. I know this is going to be very difficult, as it will be the first step towards more public participation in the government. One thing for the UAE government to remember is that even among absolutist monarchies of the past, the just ruler would make an example of someone from his family or other high official who had really crossed the line.

This is exactly such a case and such an opportunity. Another opportunity would be to find the hapless tortured Afghan and portray the justice done to an equal human.

This is not only good to keep the other rich and powerful in line, it shows the confidence of the ruler, and it should be done swiftly and cleanly, especially because a case with video evidence has taken more than fiver years.