War Times: racist massacre

The assault on Iraq about to get underway is not a war. It will be a racist massacre.

The Bush administration’s military campaign to “shock and awe” Iraq will be a senseless mass slaughter of defenseless women, children and men justified by the claim that the military is merely disarming a dangerous enemy.

The goal of conquest, and the mentality of racist, imperial arrogance, is a gruesome U.S. tradition started from the first days of colonization. However, today the U.S. government’s weapons are much more destructive, and the death and horror will be even more massive and widespread.

But today one other thing is different as well: the entire world is aware of what is taking place and hundreds of millions across the globe are saying no to this crime against humanity.

Please add your voice to this unprecedented outcry against bloodshed and for peace.

Every one of us can still make a difference, can still save lives. Every voice raised, every ounce of energy added to the scales for peace, can save lives today and tomorrow. And together with people of conscience across the globe,
each of us can help transform this massacre into something its criminal perpetrators do not intend.

They see their missiles-as-cavalry charge as the beginning of a whole new series of threats and (if “necessary”) massacres throughout the global South. But this can instead be the moment when humanity says “No More” to racist

It can be the turning point where we feel our collective power, begin to take control of this endangered planet, and build a movement powerful enough to turn things around and create a just and peaceful future for future generations.

Speak out and act now! Go to www.unitedforpeace.org for a list of things you can do in your area, or express yourself in whatever way you choose.


The War Times Staff