Chinese version of The Fall of the New Romans

(This is not the abstract.)
Dear Editor,

Do you want to have a Chinese version for your book, besides the English and Urdu version? And, even more. A great book should be translated into at least 20+ languages so everybody in the world could read it in his/her own language.

I’m thinking about adding a Chinese version to all the time. However, it’s too much work for me to handle. So I decide to try to give the book a Chinese version. You write it, and I’ll follow you.

Although I’m more than proficient in maneuvering the Chinese language, I’ll still keep discussing my translation with you, to guarantee it precisely projects your ideas. There are some questions I have so far:

  1. You like the title to be the Fall of the New Rome? or the New Romans? It’s more understandable in Chinese that an empire could fall, not the people.

2.What do you mean by saying: “a certain anomaly between fact and perception is creeping in which, if not checked,…” I can’t find the exact words to match its meaning, so I’m thinking to add some notes to explain it. Please let me know the meaning in other words. :)

3.The “Hijacking Language -counterfeit words” and “Industrial-Media Complex” are just small prologues, where are the rest?

Attached please find the Chinese version of the existing paragraphs. If your Chinese is not good enough, you can use the altavista software to translate it, but of course the translation is awfully hard to read. :-P Talk to me whenever you have questions – to make the translation the exact interpretation of your thoughts.





劫机语言 —-虚假的言辞